teenage mutant ninja zucchini

We did our annual cherry-picking trip at Ringvold Gård today and picked around 16,5 kg. cherries. These will be turned to liqueur and jam and maybe some baked goodies or something...

We also went to this farm and bought some lovely vegetables, including some killer mutant zucchini squash. These babies are bigger than my calves. Here's the proof... (OK, maybe not the world's best picture and lighting and stuff, but you get the idea)

Anyway, one of them was around 2,2 kg, and the other was around 2,4 kg. We had some of it tonight in a pasta dish, and I'll probably make some kind of moussaka-like thing (zucchini instead of aubergines) tomorrow. I'd also like to make some zucchini bread since it's been ages since I've had that...

Hope you all have had a lovely Sunday :-)

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