nosy... (with icky pics)

So, as most of you know, my poor nose was broken during Krav Maga training on the 4th of March, and got it snapped back into place on the 11th. I'm not going to get into the details about what happened. Getting too hung up will only make me unable to continue training. Things get crazy and out of control sometimes. The experience will only help me in future fights anyway. I'm going to be way more careful about getting both arms pinned down or otherwise occupied, so that someone can punch me in the nose. Anyway...

I know damn well I can be somewhat vain. While I'm not the kind of penguinette who must put on make up and fancy clothes to go out on a grocery run, I do, for the most part, care about my appearance. This does not mean that I deny my bad hair days, or, in some cases, bad nose days. So, I thought I'd show the few photos I have of my nasal misfortune. I actually wish I had more photos, including a photo of the freshly broken nose. But I don't...

Here's how the nose looked at the end of January:

Here's the only photo I have of my nose being on the other side of my face. Husband of feitpingvin wasn't really willing to take any photos of me and I was in too much of a state of confusion/pain/WTF to pester him for it. I took this with my mobile phone after getting anesthetic strips stuffed up my nostrils by the evil ENT doctor:

And here is the nose after he snapped it back into place – all swollen, with blood dripping out:

The nose is starting to look normal again, although I'm constantly looking into mirrors and paranoid about it falling out of place again. I suppose I'll post a new photo at some point... :-)


(almost) barefoot Tabatas

I am now able to do Tabata intervals on the treadmill with my Freaky Fives. I did two sets, with a four minute jog between sets. I was going to do a third set, but I felt my calves getting stiff when starting the jog after the second Tabata set. I still have to figure out how to get them more loose...