I love the smell of sweat in the morning...

My gym has finally gone back to regular opening hours (as opposed to summer hours) and I am able to go and do a cardio workout at 6 am-ish :-)

I have this love-hate relationship with cardio training. I generally hate it beyond belief, unless it's part of an intense Krav Maga session or through playing water polo or something. Something that distracts me from the fact that it's cardio. But I love doing plain, good old fashioned cardio first thing in the morning. It's pretty much the only time of day I can be bothered doing a long (45+ min) cardio workout, something I need more of considering my condition has gone way downhill since spring...

My dodgy knee has a lot to do with this, as it limited my ability to do as much and train as hard as I would have liked. The knee has gotten a lot better though, just one of those things that flares up every now and then, and it survived quite a bit of HIIT while I was up in Tromsø. If it can survive the hard sprints it can surely survive a leisurely 45 minute light run (10-11 km/h). Right? :-)

Otherwise, I've just been too damn lazy. But not anymore. The plan is to do 45+ minutes of cardio 5 mornings a week until Krav Maga starts up again, and then I'll go down to 3 mornings a week. Now I just have to figure out where I'll throw in the weights workouts ;-)

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