pwn3'd!11!!1! lol!!!111!!!1!!!1!!

BWAHAHAHA! On my way to work this morning, I saw one of those damn accordion noise polluters at one of the street corners. Suddenly, a pair of Jehovah's Witnesses approached the sorry bastard, cornering him, and I guess talking to him about Jesus and Bibles and doomsday and stuff...


last night's wet t-shirt contest...

Yep... it's a new semester of Krav Maga, and a new gang of mighty manboobed meat monsters. It tends to hurt the eyes when the air conditioning in the training room is busted and everyone's (uniform) white t-shirt gets soaked through with sweat. Where's the brain bleach?

Otherwise, it was a great training session last night. We did lots of cool exercises, old and new, and had lots of fun. Both boyfriend of tuxette and I are now feeling the positive effects of all the hardcore condition training we've both been doing this month. It's kind of difficult to describe - we get "pleasantly tired" as opposed to "exhausted." I'm not sure about boyfriend of tuxette, but I could have gone on for another hour or so...


Privacy International's 2006 Stupid Security Competition

Send in your nominations for the Privacy International 2006 Stupid Security Competition!

The competition closes on October 31st, 2006. The award categories are:
  • Most Egregiously Stupid Award
  • Most Inexplicably Stupid Award
  • Most Annoyingly Stupid Award
  • Most Flagrantly Intrusive Award
  • Most Stupidly Counter Productive Award



We were going to have a nice bacalhau dish for dinner tonight, baked in our (well, boyfriend of feitpingvin's) Schlemmer-topf. After the food had been in the oven for a little while, we smelled something burning, and boyfriend of feitpingvin went to have a look.


I went quickly into the kitchen and looked in the oven. There was a big crack in the clay pot. Shit, shit, shit... Boyfriend of feitpingvin managed to take the pot out of the oven and hold it together, while I scooped the food into a boring stainless steel pot.

Yeah, the food is saved, but we're both in a foul mood now. We need a new Topf, and cleaning up the mess in the oven (the liquids that seeped out) is not going to be fun :-(



Last night was the first Krav Maga training of the fall semester. Around 10-15 minutes before the session ended, one of the instructors suddenly commented that he was disappointed over the lack of growling... "this is Krav Maga, not ballet!"




Some Kenyans blieve that the screech of an owl is a bad omen, that it is a sign that death will strike soon. However, this guy rears and protects owls for profit, profit profit...

It is interesting that he does not charge locals to see the owls, yet it makes sense - he wants the locals to love and appreciate the owls, not fear them. As one local quotes:
"I did not believe at first that it was possible that someone was rearing such birds," said Patrick Njagi, a Kenyan visitor.

"I had to come and satisfy my curiosity that someone is rearing them and not fearing death. Now I have seen it is possible."


gym freaks galore

Here we go yet again...

Gym freak #1 - Scent of a Skank: Yep, the Perfume Troll strikes again. I didn't see her. But I could smell that she had been there, marking her territory like a bitch in heat, "I'm cheap and easy and ready for you now!" I'm glad I didn't see her. I would have choked to death in the noxious cloud that was probably surrounding her... the cloud that just lingered and lingered...

Gym freak #2 - The Vulture: What the fuck? Is there a reason why you're circling my bench, freak? What? Do you want to use the bench or something? But you're too afraid to ask the mass monsters if you could share a bench with them? So you think you can intimidate me by circling around me like some kind of demented vulture? Do I look like a cadaver or something? If you want to use the bench...or was it the set of dumbells you wanted to use...JUST ASK! Or else get the fuck away from me... I might catch your freak cooties...

Gym freak #3 - Homeboy in a Hoodie: Excuse me, freak. Do you think wearing that hoodie (with the hood up of course), thick gold chain, and baggy sweatpants makes you look cool? Especially in the overheated (or was it under-air conditioned) gym? Think again. You look like a royal dumbass. Especially when your lifting technique sucks... and again, the intimidation body language shit doesn't work on me...


w00t! new running shoes!

Nice, shiny, clean-smelling running shoes! I can't wait to use them. Especially now that my Achilles heel has gotten better. I'll wait until Monday though...

Speaking of running, Marion Jones busted?


Friday freakshow

It's been a while since I've been accosted by so many freaks at once...

Gym freak #1: I was at the squat rack, doing some squats to see how my Achilles tendon was feeling. So I did a set of 6 "conservative" reps, and decided that it would be unwise to go heavier, but that I could do a few more sets just to stimulate my quads. As I was resting for my next set, some teenage boy (at least that's what he looked like) suddenly came up to the squat rack and started taking one of the plates off the bar.

"What do you think you're doing? I'm not finished!" I snapped at him.

"Oh, I didn't know you were using..."

Riiiiiight. You didn't know. As if it wasn't obvious that I was standing close enough to the bar to be able to get into squat position within a second or less...and I thought I was the blind one...

I gave him the Evil Death Glare. And then rolled my eyes and said "you can do sets between mine, but please put the weights back on because I'm ready for my next set."

He sulked, put the plate back on, and then skulked away. Whatever...

Gym freaks #2: there was this gang of guys there having some sort of "who can lift more" contest. And they were doing everything they could to draw attention upon themselves, especially when women were watching (one of them started doing lots of dumbell barbell curls really really fast when he caught me looking at him), but more so when they saw other guys lifting. If some other guy was doing something with say 30 kg dumbells, this freak gang had to do more... 32...or 35...always more... and grunt and brag and whatnot so that the whole fucking gym knew that they were lifting more than 30... "come on, it's only 32 kilos, you can do it!" And, of course, the rest of them had to surpass him and scream and shout about it... "look here, 35!"


They seemed unfazed by all the "give me a fucking break" looks, eye rolls, head shaking, etc. they were getting...

Grocery store freak: It's been ages since some freak has commented on the food in my shopping basket. This time it was some frumpy middle-aged woman who seemed to be offended by my avocadoes.

"You know, avocadoes have a lot of fat in them! You shouldn't eat avocadoes!"

I glared at her. She didn't look like someone who should be lecturing me on what to eat and what not to eat. I looked into her shopping cart, full of Cola Light and cookies and diet ice cream and frozen pizza and lots of other shit, raised my eyebrow, and glared back at her...

"Right. And you're the expert on what to eat and what not to eat, are you?"

"I'm only trying to help! Most people don't realize how much fat is in avocadoes! You don't need to get snappy with me..."

"Uh, yeah. Trying to help. Sorry, but I'll stick to my avocadoes and get my healthy fats which, you know, are a part of a total healthy eating plan, if the alternative is to eat that crap you're buying and look like...you!"

That shut her up...


R.I.P. Blåmann

This was depressing... another one of the seals at Polaria, Blåmann, passed away this past Friday.

Makes me feel like crap for not going to see him at Polaria when I was up there in July... :-(

I hope they find out what happened to him and to Sassen... I hope that the rest of the seals live long, healthy, happy lives...


touched by His Noodly Appendage

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has touched Italian actress Sophia Loren with His Noodly Appendage, as she was voted the world's most naturally beautiful person. The Oscar-winning star says her secret is down to love of life and spaghetti.

She who eats spaghetti, shall be rewarded... always...


teenage mutant ninja zucchini

We did our annual cherry-picking trip at Ringvold Gård today and picked around 16,5 kg. cherries. These will be turned to liqueur and jam and maybe some baked goodies or something...

We also went to this farm and bought some lovely vegetables, including some killer mutant zucchini squash. These babies are bigger than my calves. Here's the proof... (OK, maybe not the world's best picture and lighting and stuff, but you get the idea)

Anyway, one of them was around 2,2 kg, and the other was around 2,4 kg. We had some of it tonight in a pasta dish, and I'll probably make some kind of moussaka-like thing (zucchini instead of aubergines) tomorrow. I'd also like to make some zucchini bread since it's been ages since I've had that...

Hope you all have had a lovely Sunday :-)


the Achilles heel of the penguinette

Yes, penguinettes have them, at least Achilles tendons... and this penguinette's Achilles tendon is starting to get a little bit sore from all that running and sprinting... bah...

I wouldn't say it's injured - just a little bit sore, the way muscles get sore - but I need to stop running for a little while and do a course of ice, anti-inflammatories, stretching, and alternative exercise, so that it doesn't turn into a nasty injury. Bah.

I also need new running shoes... I've pretty much run the ones I have out (I've had them for over a year and a half) and I'm not getting the proper support for my feet/legs that I need anymore... by the time it's payday, I should be ready to go shoe shopping...

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the Little Toe of Doom has never had it better ;-)

Soooo... how are your feet doing today? Are they happy?


Oh my FSM! I've been doing it all wrong!

I've been wasting my time with all my fancy killer sprint workouts. I should have been doing the Vacunaut! After all, with the Vacunaut treatment, that area around my belly button will finally disappear! w00t!

Picture for posterity hehe...


Darn Kids! Get off my track!

46-year old Merlene Ottey has qualified for the women's 100m semifinal in the ongoing European Championships in athletics. She also broke her own over-45 class world record with a time of 11.41 during the qualification.

Does anyone else find it really weird she's running for Slovenia now?


I wanna freak I need to freak I am a freak

It's some kind of weird techno song that blasted over the loudspeakers at the gym both yesterday and today... though today it started playing right in the middle of an SIT sprint, and it caused me to snicker for some odd reason, ultimately fucking up completion of the sprint... blah ;-)

I did 7 bouts today. I'll go for 8 next time. Though I haven't really found any information as to the absolute maximum times, bouts, etc. I should be training. I don't want to overtrain; sprints are rather taxing on the body and even though I feel fine now, who knows how I'll feel in a few weeks. I'll probably max at 8 bouts and eventually up the speed (or lower the number of bouts) until I find out more information...


mmm... food...

Tonight's dinner - grilled skate wings with some grilled zucchini slices and a lovely salad...

The skate wings were interesting... quite different from the normal fare but rather tasty. They have a mild and pleasant flavor. And I found several interesting recipes online for the next time our fish monger has skate wings for sale...

I made the salad with shredded cabbage as a base and added sliced red bell pepper, diced mango, roughly chopped water chestnuts, and some salad onion. I made a dressing of olive oil (with a drop of sesame seed oil for extra taste), lime juice, garlic, and white pepper.

I made the same salad last night as well, to go with the whale steaks we grilled...



what. the. fuck.

I hope that the one (or ones) who did this chokes to death on their next meal...



Q: Why are you drinking that cocktail with a straw?

A: It's a sucker punch.


short sprint interval training

Also known as SIT...

I was playing around on the exrx site last night and found this (I usually don't look at the cardio section) and decided to try it this morning. It gives a good workout. It's nice to have this option to go along with the HIIT...

Here is an interesting study about the effects of SIT...


now this is one badass geezer...

fucking hell... no way I'm going to step on his lawn.. :-)

"...I took the bus home and washed the blood off me. Later I called the police and said that if a man came to the hospital that had been beaten up, I was the one who had done it. I told the police it wasn't nice, but I didn't regret it. I think it's appalling that you can't walk the streets in safety"

I wanna be like that when I get old hehe...

I love the smell of sweat in the morning...

My gym has finally gone back to regular opening hours (as opposed to summer hours) and I am able to go and do a cardio workout at 6 am-ish :-)

I have this love-hate relationship with cardio training. I generally hate it beyond belief, unless it's part of an intense Krav Maga session or through playing water polo or something. Something that distracts me from the fact that it's cardio. But I love doing plain, good old fashioned cardio first thing in the morning. It's pretty much the only time of day I can be bothered doing a long (45+ min) cardio workout, something I need more of considering my condition has gone way downhill since spring...

My dodgy knee has a lot to do with this, as it limited my ability to do as much and train as hard as I would have liked. The knee has gotten a lot better though, just one of those things that flares up every now and then, and it survived quite a bit of HIIT while I was up in Tromsø. If it can survive the hard sprints it can surely survive a leisurely 45 minute light run (10-11 km/h). Right? :-)

Otherwise, I've just been too damn lazy. But not anymore. The plan is to do 45+ minutes of cardio 5 mornings a week until Krav Maga starts up again, and then I'll go down to 3 mornings a week. Now I just have to figure out where I'll throw in the weights workouts ;-)