I tried doing some cardio this morning. After 30 minutes at an "easy" pace, I was feeling kind of dead. Usually on Tuesday and Thursday mornings I do 40-45 minutes of steady-state cardio, at a higher intensity than I was doing today, and I always feel refreshed and energized afterwards, not tired...


This means I'm still sick. It also means (most likely) no Krav Maga tonight either. This really sucks. I wanted to get in both workouts this week, as I'll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks, and then only hoped for tonight's workout... but no... :-( Of course if I feel better later on, I'll go, and if I feel like crap during the training I can always stop. But I'm not going to go if I'm feeling like crap in the first place... it's not worth making myself worse...

The all-around good news is that with all the hard training I do, and especially with sticking to a somewhat strict eating regimine since the beginning of August, I've lost all the flab I wanted to lose before this trip. (My eating and drinking habits had gotten way out of hand since spring, resulting in an out-of-control Ring of Fat, despite all the exercise I get.) It really wasn't that much of an effort either. My slightly deflated RoF is, however, not amused. But it'll get revenge. Click on restaurant names and the link to the menu on the restaurant page to get an idea of what I'll be stuffing the RoF with very soon... RoF will get its revenge and become bigger and stronger than ever before!

(And of course, it's back to The Program when I get home ;)


I want my high dammit!

My endorphine high, that is...

I'm doing a little better today but I'm still too sick to train. Being sick combined with not having that high I get when I do my early morning cardio is making me feel rather lethargic. I don't like feeling lethargic... :-(

I should be OK for tomorrow though...

How are you all doing?



Not cool: waking up at 1 am drenched in sweat, with a slight fever and a nasty sore throat. Oh, and I sneezed my retina to death. Lovely.

Less cool: waking up at around 5:55 am (usual time actually) and still feeling like crap. It's the sore throat that's especially troublesome. It's kind of hard to breathe as well. There goes my morning workout :-(

And less cool than that: I may have to skip Krav Maga tonight. It all depends on whether or not I survive a day or work (and I can't really afford to not be here)...

I always seem to get something or other when the seasons change... that something or other decided to pick the worst possible time to show up...

*crunches on Vitamin C tablets*


The calm after the storm...

After more or less purely physical training since Krav Maga started in August, we finally had a "relaxed" training tonight, with lots of technique work. Sure, we did "stress" stuff at the end, but it wasn't as "stressful" as usual...

The technique stuff included lots of blocking work, meaning I'll have lovely bruised forearms to show off tomorrow ;-)



Tonight's training was at a local park. It had rained a bit during the day, but from mid-afternoon, the rain stopped and it got nice and warmer than in the morning... great weather for outdoors exercise...

Anyway, we did some drills and learned some cool new combination techniques. In the end, we were in groups of 3 and then groups of 5 where it was 2 against 1 and 4 against 1 with "anything goes" fighting... good stuff... I wonder what the spectators (the other people in the park) were thinking ;-)

What's really nice about training in the park, besides the fresh air, is all that open space. Lots of room to run around, roll around, etc. Though I got rather muddy tonight. Good thing we have our own washer and dryer. Washers and dryers are not luxuries. They are absolute necesities. Don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise... (or I'll beat you up ;-)

Thursday's freak

I was innocently walking home from work...

freak: Yo baby what's up?!

tuxette: *looks around, sees random dodgy-looking people (walking past seedy pubs after all), shrugs, and continues home*

freak: *suddenly walking alongside of tuxette* Hi, howyuhdoin *takes puff of cigarette and blows some nasty smoke*

tuxette: get lost! *walks away, quickly*

freak: fucking racist!

tuxette: *thinking "so ok, he's African" but where did this racist shit come in? What's his fucking problem?*

fucking smoker!

*makes coughing choking noise*



let's get physical - the Achilles heel of the penguinette II

My Achilles tendon seems to be doing a lot better now. I managed to do my morning cardio on the elliptical machine yesterday without any pain or discomfort... a good thing as I'm really getting sick of the stationary bike. I also did a session this morning and attempted some interval stuff on it... grrmf, I think I'll stick to the bike for the interval stuff. Until I'm able to run properly again. I'll probably attempt some running/jogging this weekend and see how it goes with the tendon... I hope it goes well... I really miss running :-(

Last night's Krav Maga training was also quite tantalizingly physical (as with the training sessions last week)... In addition to noticing how much easier such sessions are due to all the high-intensity cardio I've been doing 5 early mornings a week, I've noticed that quite a few people are in rather poor shape, at least compared to the group last semester. Maybe because it's been a long summer... maybe because I'm in so much better shape now (doubt it)... it gets kind of annoying when they're too tired too early in the session to be proper training partners when we pair up to do drills or sparring or whatever...

Anyway, we did a lot of kicking drills and my Achilles was also quite OK with things. On the other hand, I managed to get my elbow fux0r'd a little bit during one of the rounds of kickboxing we did at the end... owie... :-(

Next training will be outdoors. Regardless of weather. Rain is forecasted. Blah...


Darn amateurs! Get off my mat!

It's damn annoying when we do defense against chokes maneuvers and your attacker doesn't even choke you properly. When you choke someone, you put your hands around their neck, not on their shoulders. Sheeesh.

Training was otherwise pretty good, though a bit tougher than last time. We did a lot of kick drills in the end, and I still feel like I'm wearing shoes made of cement blocks. Doing that session of SIT this morning probably didn't help much ;-)