the Achilles heel of the penguinette

Yes, penguinettes have them, at least Achilles tendons... and this penguinette's Achilles tendon is starting to get a little bit sore from all that running and sprinting... bah...

I wouldn't say it's injured - just a little bit sore, the way muscles get sore - but I need to stop running for a little while and do a course of ice, anti-inflammatories, stretching, and alternative exercise, so that it doesn't turn into a nasty injury. Bah.

I also need new running shoes... I've pretty much run the ones I have out (I've had them for over a year and a half) and I'm not getting the proper support for my feet/legs that I need anymore... by the time it's payday, I should be ready to go shoe shopping...

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, the Little Toe of Doom has never had it better ;-)

Soooo... how are your feet doing today? Are they happy?

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