police sketches

Here's another picture of a wanted rapist (different one than the one I posted before). Imagine going into a dark alley or something and meeting an ugly-ass mug like that...

He also looks like he has the IQ of a used piece of toilet paper. And someone needs to give him a nose job... *warms up Little Toe of Doom*..


gourmet orgy

We had boyfriend of feitpingvin's gourmet orgy birthday celebration at Oslo Spiseforretning.

Aperitif: Bellavista Cuvée Brut (Italia)

First course: roulade of cod and salmon served with salad and a so-good-you-want-to-lick-the-plate creamy herb dressing.

First course wine: Chablis Cuvée LC 2002 La Chablisienne (Burgund, France)

Second course: baked halibut served with cauliflower puree, sugar peas and turnips.

Second course wine: Pazode Senorans Albariño 2004 (Rias Baixas, Spania)

Main course: Hmm... not sure about the English name of the cut of beef - sirloin I think (ytrefilet in Norwegain). Oven-roasted and served rare, nice and tender. It was served with baked mushrooms, green beans, tiny new potatoes, and a nice sauce made from the reduced juices of the meat and roesmary.

Main course wine: Valpolicella Classico Superiore Cipasso 2004, (Veneto, Italia)

Cheese: Three kinds of local cheeses - a lovely tilseter, a mild and creamy brie, and a bleu (which boyfriend of feitpingvin got since I'm allergic to blue cheese unless it's been cooked). All served with apple compote and a nut bread.

Wine for cheese: Dönnhoff Riesling 2004 (Nahe, Germany)

Dessert: Anise-marinated strawberries (yum) and a lemon fromage. With a big thin cookie shaped in a ring. To symbolize the Ring of Fat, of course...

Dessert wine: Saracco Moscati d'Asti 2005 (Piemonte, Italia)



I made loads of strawberry jam and raspberry jam last night. Yum yum...


wtf - spray your troubles away?

According to tonight's news report on NRK, an average of 1 rape per day has been reported in Oslo this summer. Most committed by strangers, apparently. I'd like to speculate as to who the perps are, lest I piss off the PC crowd...


As a result, sales of self-defense sprays has skyrocketed.

Bloody hell.

I'll bet the majority of those carrying these sprays will have no idea what to do (i.e. what to really do) if confronted with a situation. Especially when they're drunk and confronted with a situation...

Are they willing to use it, and do they have it readily available? Do they know the risk factors involved, especially the risks to themselves? Have they modified their behavior as to avoid a situation in the first place?

I doubt it.

Thinking that they can continue with high-risk behaviors because they now have the magic spray that will keep them safe, they will discover the hard way that it takes more than magic spray to make self-defense work...


heh... so much for that last post ;-)

Well, it looks like Landis did test positive. I guess everyone got what they wished for. We'll see what happens with the B-sample...

and so it begins...again...

This bit of news, combined with this bit of news, makes for great gossip material. Did Landis dope himself to Tour de France victory?

This whole thing with accusing anyone who wins any event (not just in cycling) is somewhat disturbing, and rather annoying. Why is cheating automatically assumed, each and every time?

boyfriend's birthday today :-)

Happy birthday, boyfriend of feitpingvin!


angry rant time

Well, to follow up on an old post from Slashdot... again all this talk about how women should be careful, criticisms against the Minister of Justice telling women to carry on as usual, and even a pic and description of one of the suspects (is it me or does he look like he has an IQ of 12?)...

My reaction to all of this is extreme anger. My blood is boiling. How dare these asshats ruin things for the good people of Oslo. And why should I have to be the one adjusting my habits and such for the sake of a bunch of waste-of-space twatballs?

Don't mess with penguinettes when they're angry. As in "deadly green laser beams shooting out of the evil eye" angry.

I for one will not change my habits. For starters, I already take all the "necessary precations" so I really don't need to. And if someone decides to try anything on me anyway, then they are going to have the face the consequences of their dumbass actions. I am ready and willing to cause permanent damage. In ways they could never imagine. So they better fucking watch out. I'm not putting up with their shit...

Though in case this were to happen though, I'm sure the pathetic bastards will probably be going to boo-hoo-hooey-hoo to everyone, saying how I was too violent against them (even though their own MO is equally violent), that it's a racist attack because they're Eastern European or Dumfukistani or whatever, and so on... I'm sure Cuntface Krekar's sleazeball lawyer would be helping them right away... blah...


back from Tromsø

I'll try to get better about mirroring my slashdot stuff here.

It's bloody hot in Oslo. Blah ;-)