postpartum - getting back into shape

Well... it's been 10 weeks since my little Pingu was born, and I need to whip my fat penguiny ass back into shape. Not necessarily to lose those last pregnancy kilos per se, although that is a desirable side-effect. I really need to 1) get my energy levels up, 2) avoid destroying all the hard work I've done before getting pregnant. Plus, Pingu will only benefit from an energetic Mamma who can keep up with him when he plays and stuff. People say that older moms hurt their kids by not having the energy to keep up the way a young mom can. Screw that...

I actually started going back to the gym 4 weeks postpartum. I could have started going earlier, and I could probably go more often if I had the chance to (lack of someone to watch Pingu while I'm at the gym on weekday). House hunting stole some time as well, although that is done and overwith. I try to make do at home. Simple stuff - bodyweight exercises and long trips with the pram (Pingu just sleeps). It's not the same as Krav Maga or hitting the weights, but it's better than nothing...

Today I did some running/jogging for the first time since week 30 of my pregnancy. I took it easy: After a 10 minute warmup on the elliptical, I started with walking/jogging intervals (on the treadmill) 1 min 7 km/h 1 min 9.5 km/h, and after 10 minutes changed the interval to 1 min 7 km/h 2 min 9.5 km/h, and at 20 minutes I ran/jogged for 10 minutes at 9.0 km/h. It was pretty easy so I'll go a little bit harder next time. Although it felt a bit weird; my hips are still "expanded" which throws things off a bit. I really hope the hips get back to somewhat normal soon *grrr*

I'm also wondering how my calves are going to feel tomorrow. Yeah, I wore the FFFFs ;-)

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