10 weeks of Pingu-related facebook status messages

Not all of them, but most of them ;-)

Jan 9: Pingu is here! He decided to show up 8th of January at 23:17. He has blue eyes and lots of dark hair, is 49 cm long and 3232 grams. Now... to find a proper name for him!

Jan 10 feitpingvin loves the smell of newborn baby ♥

Jan 13 feitpingvin walked into the bedroom to see Pingu and husband of feitpingvin sleeping in the *exact* same position! ♥

Jan 15 feitpingvin has a feeling that little Pingu is going to end up with a career as professional competitive eater... :-P

Jan 16 feitpingvin has given Pingu his first shampoo and rinse. He really enjoyed having warm water poured over his head... ♥

Jan 22 feitpingvin and husband of feitpingvin have just been out and about with Pingu. First to the curry house for lunch, followed by a nice walk through the botanic garden, and then tasty apple tarts at the Munch Museum café. Pingu slept the whole time ♥

Jan 28 feitpingvin wonders how it's possible for a nearly 3 week old baby to stay completely awake the whole night and most of the day. Don't babies like to sleep?

Feb 4 feitpingvin has milk puke all over her neck...

Feb 5: The joys of parenthood: power puke followed by power poop all over Pappa, power puke followed by power pee all over Mamma, and now rather pleased with Himself after a bath...

Feb 8 feitpingvin and husband of feitpingvin have both been blessed with big wet milky "kisses" from Pingu :-)

Feb 11 feitpingvin was at the clinic earlier today, to weigh Pingu. He's turning into quite the RoF baby: 4050 grams today, up from 3630 grams last week.

Feb 19 feitpingvin asked Pingu if he wanted to take a nap. Pingu raised a fist, stuck his thumb out, and then turned the thumb down...

Feb 27: Pappa: Pingu, are you going to gulp all over me?
Pingu: *smile*

Mar 3 feitpingvin has taken Pingu out to a café, so that he could flirt with some pretty girls... ♥

Mar 4 feitpingvin is holding Pingu over her shoulder; he is sucking her neck! OH NOES VAMPIRE BABY!1!

Mar 12 feitpingvin thinks it's amusing how babies sleep sometimes - flat on their back with their limbs all over the place. Kind of like dogs... :-P

Mar 15 feitpingvin is rather impressed with the belches and farts that Pingu can rip...

Mar 19 feitpingvin is watching Pingu happily play with a plush penguin ♥


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