10 weeks ago...

...my son was born. That is, he was born the 8th of January, at 23:17. He weighed in at 3232 grams and was 49 cm long, with a head circumference of 35 cm.

As you can see in the photo below, when he was about a day and a half old, he was also born with a rather impressive head of hair, and this is something which draws a lot of attention. I love his hair; it's very obvious who he got that from ;-)

The actual birth was OK. I didn't get the water birth I wanted due to a bunch of crazy circumstances. But it wasn't that bad either. I had to use some laughing gas since I didn't get the water, but other than that I didn't feel that drugs were necessary. If you breathe properly, you can manage a good amount of the pain. And it's true that you forget about it rather quickly. To be honest, I think it was much worse getting my broken nose snapped back into place than giving birth...

Of course life with a baby is a bit crazy, and rather trying at times. Being a first time mom, I sometimes feel completely clueless and even useless at times. The first few weeks were difficult because I always felt like I had no idea what I was doing much of the time. But my little Pingu is growing and thriving. He's becoming a properly plump baby (5780 grams yesterday), gurgling proper baby noises when he's awake. He smiles a lot. He loves it when I go out to caf├ęs because he gets to meet new people. He loves to play. And he loves to gulp all over me and Pappa... hah!

By the way, how is it that something so tiny can belch like a burly truck driver?

Anyway, I'll be writing more in the future...

Here's a photo of the two of us taken when he was 8 weeks one day old :-)

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