three months

Pingu turned three months yesterday. I was going to post this yesterday too, but I couldn't log in... boo!

Anyway, I took him to the clinic to get weighed and he was 6550 grams, meaning he weighs a little over twice his birth weight. Damn he's gotten big :-)

He's also changed quite a lot over these past weeks too. He's more curious about the world around him. Some of his signals - cries, facial expressions, hand movements etc - are becoming more clear and we're starting to understand what he wants (and doesn't want). He smiles a lot and makes a lot of cute heart-melting noises. But when he gets cranky... look out world!

The thing that's most "fun" now is how he reacts to his toys. He first started "playing" with plush penguins at around 10 weeks, but now he's even more curious and playful with them, plus he enjoys his other toys - rattling toys that are colorful and make noise. Good fun for him! We have also re-mounted a mechanical mobile to his crib and he loves watching it rotate around while music is playing. His expression while watching the shapes move around is just priceless :-D

The weather has been quite nice here the past few days and is expected to continue to be nice for a little while, so we're going to go out to do a photo session tomorrow. Stay tuned :-)

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