salmon and vegetables in spicy Thai-style blood orange sauce

One of the grocery stores here had this really fancy salmon (Salmalaks) on special and I bought a few pieces. We usually use it for sashimi but it's nice for other dishes as well...

Tonight I made a sort of Thai-like curry with the salmon. And some blood oranges I had to get rid of. Here's what I did:

- Squeezed out the juice of three blood oranges. Put the juice in a saucepan, boiled, and allowed to reduce to about half the original amount.

- In another saucepan I fried a shitload of garlic (5 cloves finely chopped), a shitload of ginger (about 2 tbsp finely chopped), and 2 finely chopped red chiles in some coconut oil. Medium heat, for about 5 minutes. I added some keffir lime leaves and stirred this mixture for about a minute.

- Then I added the blood orange juice and a can of coconut milk. Added a splash of soy sauce, a splash of fish sauce, mixed, brought to a boil, and then reduced heat and allowed to simmer.

- Once the sauce was simmering I fried some bean sprouts and julienned red pepper and carrots in some coconut oil, until the carrots started getting soft. I strained the sauce into the vegetable mixture. (You don't have to strain the sauce; I just didn't want to deal with bits today.)

- After a few minutes I added the salmon (I think it was around 450 g), chopped into cubes. I mixed the salmon carefully into the vegetable and sauce mixture, and then turned off the heat and allowed things to take care of itself (salmon doesn't need much cooking time).

- Cooked up some rice noodles to go with the "curry". Dinner served!


Maybe some day I'll formalize this recipe a little bit more. Not today :-)


Ingvild said...

Hah, you do recipes the way I like it! "Shitload" and "splash" are completely rational measurements, right? Right?

feitpingvin said...

Right! :-D

Pidge said...

I'm stealing ''shitload'', what a fabulous way of measuring life's soul ingredients!