(almost) barefoot running update

The (almost) barefoot running with my freaky fuschia Five Fingers has been going quite well. Aside from one training session where one of my calves was stiff and didn't want to loosen up, and one training session where I used my black KSOs instead of my freaky fuschias (these were inducing blisters on the sides of my feet), I've been progressing quite nicely.

Today's workout:
- 10 minutes of mixed walking (6.5 km/h) and jogging (9.0 km/h) as a warmup.

- 40 minutes of steady state running (well, fast jogging) at 9.5 km/h.

Everything felt really good for the most part. No stiffness in the calves at all. I felt a “twitch” in my right hip at times, but that was resolved by sucking in my navel and pushing my hips slightly forward; it's good to be forced into proper posture. The only problem I had was just as I hit around 38 minutes; I could feel the blisters morphing onto both big toes. Ugh. I just finished to 40 minutes. Had it not been for the darn toes, I could have easily gone for an hour.

Forty minutes is a pretty decent duration, even though I was going at a relatively slow pace. I should be able to run faster now. I think I'll be ready for hard sprints in a few weeks. Good fun!

On a side note, it's rather amusing to be (almost) barefoot running to Brenda Fassie's “Zola Budd” :-D

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