(almost) barefoot weightlifting

In addition to my freaky fuschias, I have a pair of black KSOs. I've been using these for my past two weightlifting sessions...

All I can say is WHY HAVEN'T I DONE THIS SOONER? Oh yeah, I did have a few sessions here and there between acquisition of my five fingers and now, but at that time I had injury issues and wasn't really "into" my lifting. But now... wow!

I'm not sure how to explain it. I feel a lot more sturdy on my feet when doing squats and deadlifts, and this enables me to do heavier lifts. Well, of course it makes sense. I'm not limited by the boundaries of the sports shoes. I'm also able to do a lot more on the leg press; the darn padding in the shoes had been getting in the way of progress. Who knew? (And hah! I actually freaked some random guy out big time by pressing a mere *cough* 220 kg. And this was after maxing out for the day at 250 kg.)

Fun, fun, fun! :-D

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