ah yes, the usual "holiday food will kill you" stupidity

As usual during this time of year, lists like this one show up and tell you that you are going to get really fat and all kinds of nasty health problems and die if you eat typical holiday goodies.

Well, geez. I thought a good part of helping people lose weight and get healthy and fit was to give them a healthy, angst-free attitude towards food. That is, for example, that you don't tie in negative emotions (guilt, anyone?) with eating, or that you don't instill irrational fears of any kind of macronutrient, whether it be fats or carbohydrates. Take the example of the turkey. "Choose white meat, not dark meat." If you look at the nutrient information, dark meat does not have significantly more fat or cholesterol or kcal than white meat. Or am I missing something? Are we supposed to get all anal-retentive over 20 or so kcal?

(And didn't they debunk the cholesterol-animal fats myth anyway?)

Oh, and I ate lots of pork ribs with crackling at Alternativ jul last night. It was a great source of energy for doing dishes for 8 hours. I also ate more baked goods than I should have, but I only do stuff like this once a year. Sure, I'm bloated now, but it won't last. Things will be back to "normal" in a week or so. So bugger off, "naughty list" Nazis!

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