UPDATE - Ms. Freaky Beaky


Nebbeline(*), otherwise known by her stage name Ms. Freaky Beaky, was spotted early this afternoon at her usual hangout at Aker River. She was seen with a handsome drake with a shiny green head; he seemed to be the jealous type, not letting anyone else go near her! Will he smash the paparazzis' camera lenses with his shiny yellow beak? It's risky business, the duck entertainment world!

Nebbeline (aka Ms. Freaky Beaky) and her boyfriend...

We were still able to bring Nebbeline her treat, some hand-selected crickets from the local (gourmet) pet supplies store. She ate them deliciously; no eating disorders in the duck entertainment world! She even fended off some crazed fans (pigeons) who wanted to steal her crickets as a souvenir, ramming them with her pink tongue!

Nebbeline (aka Ms. Freaky Beaky) enjoys a tasty cricket...

All is well with her it seems. She looks healthy, strong, and in love!

(*) nebb is the Norwegian word for beak, hence Nebbeline ;-)


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