toothaches and gym freaks

Well, it looks like I'm going to lose my root canal virginity tomorrow. Yay yippee yo. I want painkillers and I want them now...

After I was through with the evil dentist and booked the appointment for the root canal, I went to the gym to do the workout I was supposed to do this morning but didn't do due to lack of sleep because of the damn painful tooth. Anyway, it was mostly hardcore-looking bodybuilder types there this time, except for a few oddballs here and there...

The main Freako of the day was this older guy who was a bit too interested in watching me squat. I racked up 50 kg, and he was all like "why are you doing 50 kg?"

"Because for the time being, it's all I can do," I snapped back at him. Keep in mind I'm in pain, in a bad mood, and still recovering from an injury.

He said, sheepishly, "well, it's a lot." "Not really," I uttered. He then skulked away.

Then there were these two Freakettes who were yakking away, and eventually came up to the topic of British Airway's new carry-on luggage rule where you can take 23 kg as long as you can lift it into the overhead compartment yourself.

"It's unfair and sexist. Women can't lift that much weight over their heads..."

I said "uh, wanna bet?" and grabbed the 25 kg barbell (it's a smaller bar with weights already set up, not the regular bar) and lifted it over my head. "See?"

They both gaped at me, and then tried to lift the bar themselves but could barely do so, and then started mumbling about if it was some kind of "trick" apparatus... sheesh...

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