let's get physical - the Achilles heel of the penguinette II

My Achilles tendon seems to be doing a lot better now. I managed to do my morning cardio on the elliptical machine yesterday without any pain or discomfort... a good thing as I'm really getting sick of the stationary bike. I also did a session this morning and attempted some interval stuff on it... grrmf, I think I'll stick to the bike for the interval stuff. Until I'm able to run properly again. I'll probably attempt some running/jogging this weekend and see how it goes with the tendon... I hope it goes well... I really miss running :-(

Last night's Krav Maga training was also quite tantalizingly physical (as with the training sessions last week)... In addition to noticing how much easier such sessions are due to all the high-intensity cardio I've been doing 5 early mornings a week, I've noticed that quite a few people are in rather poor shape, at least compared to the group last semester. Maybe because it's been a long summer... maybe because I'm in so much better shape now (doubt it)... it gets kind of annoying when they're too tired too early in the session to be proper training partners when we pair up to do drills or sparring or whatever...

Anyway, we did a lot of kicking drills and my Achilles was also quite OK with things. On the other hand, I managed to get my elbow fux0r'd a little bit during one of the rounds of kickboxing we did at the end... owie... :-(

Next training will be outdoors. Regardless of weather. Rain is forecasted. Blah...

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