The Ball of Baby groweth...

I have been really busy lately. The last time I posted was after I got back from a business trip to Sao Paulo and before going on a family visit and sort of vacation to the US.

My Ring of Baby has turned into a good-sized Ball of Baby, and it seems to be getting bigger all the time. We had an ultrasound done about a month and a half ago, and everything looked great - healthy here, healthy there. Good stuff. The only thing that didn't go as planned, was the lack of cooperation from miniPenguin with regard to letting us know if we're having a Pingu or a Pinga. Hmmf!

Anyway, was running up until about week 22 or 23 or something. Pulled a calf muscle and it's still not healed enough to start running again. This sucks because I really don't feel like I get as much (and most certainly not the high) out of the elliptical, which is my alternative cardio. Weightlifting is going OK, although I'm quite the weakling now. I'm still going to post a photo of me lifting anyway... just because...

It was taken at week 24. It's a weird photo, taken with a compact camera. All of the lifting photos husband of feitpingvin took were a bit strange. The rest are here.

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