(almost) barefoot, pregnant, and still running

As most people know, I'm pregnant. Sixteen weeks today. How... interesting...

Things have been relatively good so far, at least compared to what many other experience. I haven't had any major nausea/morning sickness, for example. Sure, food doesn't taste quite the same and I'm for the most part not really interested in food at all, but I can still eat. I've had some bad fatigue and nasty headaches, but they haven't been an everyday occurrence, nor have they really been so debilitating that they have affected work or life otherwise.

The only major issue I've had is that my normally near elite-level athlete lungs have turned into the lungs of a sofa-sitting chain smoker. At least that's what it feels like. Ugh. So exercise has been somewhat tough at times. But I'm still exercising on average 5 days a week...

Yeah, yeah. I know it could be worse, and I know that I'm doing better than "the average woman." Although I am not average. I am used to doing a bit more. Much more. At you're-not-working-out-hard-enough-if-you-don't-taste-blood-in-your-mouth intensity. But even if I didn't suddenly get smokers' lung, I would have to cut back on the intensity level for the sake of my unborn baby anyway. (And Krav Maga is out until the baby is born. I found out I was pregnant a week before G2 grading, so I couldn't do that... boo!) Taking it easy takes some getting used to. But unless I'm on medical orders to do so, there's no way I'm going to give up my exercise!

Anyway, running. Yeah, I'm still running. Well, now it's more like a fast jog. Part of it is due to having to haul around a growing Ring of Baby. It's also the smokers' lung thing; I huff and puff a lot. At least at the start of the run/jog. It's always been this way and it doesn't seem to be getting better. My doc OKed me to use Ventoline, so I'll try to see if that helps. Otherwise, I've found that I have to do a longer warm-up, 10 minutes or so, and mix running/jogging and walking in that warm-up. Once I get past that stage, I'm actually able to do a proper 20-30 minute run/jog.

I've also noticed a major shift in my center of gravity, and this is affecting my technique. This is why I love my Freaky Fuschia Five Fingers more and more. Because I'm not restricted to a certain unnatural running style with these shoes, as opposed to traditional over-constructed running shoes, I can easily adjust to the changes in my body, and still run/jog comfortably. Brilliant stuff! I can't wait to see what kind of looks I will get, once Ring of Baby turns into a Ball of Baby, and I'm jogging along with my FFFFs... :-P

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