woohoo! more bullshit exercise equipment!

(This is almost as good as the Vacunaut)

I proudly give you the CelluBike - the cellulite-removing exer-cycle! It has infrared technology! w00t!

This thing is supposedly used by millions in Western Europe (which Norway is a part of), yet this is the first time I've ever heard of it. Considering how much of an exercise-junkie I am (I guess I'm too old school since I'm "only" familiar with things like killer self-defense/martial arts and Soviet-style weightlifting).

I'm especially LOL'ing at this because, despite being overweight (if one should believe the BMI charts), I don't have cellulite (well, barely). Sure, I have a big ass that would put Serena Williams to shame, but like Serena Williams, I move my big ass on a regular basis. My workout routine includes doing HIIT on a stationary bike. If stationary bikes are the key to getting rid of cellulite. No need for infrared technology here...

And of course, they have the various disclaimers. For example, that in addition to the actual exercise, you have to follow a set of basic rules:
1. Reduce your carbonated drink intake
2. Get regular exercise
3. Avoid alcohol and smoking
4. Drink an adequate amount of water (it takes 22 oz. of water to metabolize 1oz. of fat)
5. Eat sensibly, preferably whole, fresh foods; avoid processed, fast foods, fats and sugar

I also found the following disclaimers very fascinating:
To use the CelluBike you need to be in general good health, you should not use the bike if you are:
1. Pregnant
2. Menstruating
3. Have any heart problems
4. Have a pacemaker or other stimulators
5. Have lessened pain sensibility due to other treatments
6. Have artificial limbs
7. Have increased cartilage
8. Have shortness of breath




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