six months

Our little Pingu turned six months yesterday. To celebrate, he got his first taste of meat. It went down very well :-)

He started solid foods at five months. There is a lot of debate as to when to start babies on solids; some say four months others say wait until six months. Pingu was very ready for it at five months. He was showing great interest whenever he watched me eat something and he was always very hungry; my milk was never enough. We started with rice porridge and then moved on to vegetables. We discovered that he prefers his food with some flavor in it - garlic powder, Madras curry powder, cinnamon, basil/pesto, etc. Just a very tiny amount of course. Enough to make a difference. I don't blame him; I don't like bland food either.

Considering how active he is, it is no surprise he's hungry all the time either. He's been rolling all over the place since five months and it looks like he's very close to being able to crawl. He likes to play and he likes to be mischievous (see previous blog entry). He's very chatty. And social; he loves people always has a great time with the babysitter and the other kids when I take him to the babysitting service at my new gym. He's quite a handfull. Can't wait to get him started in Judo and Capoeira and stuff like that :-)

My regular computer is dead. I was hoping to have written more stuff over the past weeks, about Pingu and his shenanigans, and the new house and all... it will come. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my last month of maternity leave... eek!

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